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Paint its World in Watercolors:
Hattoji Furusato Village

Getting to Yoshinaga Station:

Approx. 35min. from Okayama Station on JR Sanyo Line


Circular Bus from Yoshinaga Sta. to Hattoji Old-Style Post in Hattoji Frog Ornament in Hattoji


  • Folklore Museum in Hattoji
  • Enichisan Kokenji Temple
  • Water Mill

Explore Japanese Mountain Village. - Hattoji Furusato Village -

Hattoji Furusato Village is a site of Mountain Buddhism, where traditional farmhouses have survived. People consider it has around 1,200 years of tradition. The village lies at an altitude of 400 meters or 1310 feet up in the mountains situated in the eastern part of Okayama Prefecture. It is supposed to have had 72 priests' living quarters at its peak. Buddhism in the village prospered as much as Koya-san, the sacred place which has been playing an important role in Japanese Buddhism for 1,200 years.

Hattoji Furusato Village was listed as the first "Furusato Village," which aims at restoring and preserving old-style fine farm village scenery in Okayama and bequeathing it to posterity. The scenery would soothe the souls of visitors who have escaped from the whirl of life in a city. The peaceful scene would be suitable for drawing and painting.

Getting here: 30 min. by Bizen City Bus from Yoshinaga Station

  • Hattoji Furusato-kan
  • Hattoji Furusato-kan behind Flowers
  • Hattoji Furusato-kan with Accommodation

Enjoy View of Mountains and Local Food. - Hattoji Furusato-kan -

With a sudden appearance from sight after ascending a winding mountain road to Mt. Hattoji, there stands Hattoji Furusato-kan with a thatched roof and a spacious parking lot. It provides visitors with sightseeing guide information on Hattoji Furusato Village in Japanese. Hand-made buckwheat noodles are served in the restaurant, with a beautiful view of distant mountains from the windows. It has a soba-making workshop, and a reservation is required for it. Accommodation is also available.

Getting here: 30 min. by Bizen City Bus from Yoshinaga Station

Closed: Thursday (Thursday & Friday from December to February)